HTC s740 – great phone, just one thing…

I got one of these things a couple of weeks ago… in essence, a great large1[1]phone (I prefer the “smartphone” type device as opposed to the touch screen variety) – I’ve spent the last couple of years with the HTC s620 and it was time for a change. Key differences are that the s740 is a “candybar” type device rather than a squatter, wider phone, and has a slide-out keyboard rather than the full qwerty affair on the front.

Technology wise, the new device is bristling with features – 3G/HSDPA (so nice & fast browsing), GPS (paired with Google Maps or Windows Live Search mobile, works well). It even has an FM radio and a half decent camera.

I’ve written recently about nicely designed, functional items which remind & reinforce how good they are every time you pick them up or use them – well the s740 has one design feature which does the exact opposite.

EVERY time I use it as a phone, I curse the stupid design of the Call & Hang up buttons.


Those tiny little buttons that stand just proud of the sleek and shiny surface of the phone? Impossible to hit them without also pressing the soft keys above, or the home or back keys below. Well not quite impossible, but requires dextrous thumbnail gymnastics to use them.

Now I’d have thought that for a PHONE, these two buttons are kind of the most important? I’m not the only one, as PC Pro opined. It’s a shame – the s620 doesn’t look as groovy, but it does have an easier to use keyboard, and phone buttons that work. If only it was 3G and had a GPS…

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