Picture association – a new variant of word association

I’ve seen this crop up a couple of times on web discussion forums – basically a game kicks off where people post photos and the responses need to be tenuously linked to the previous picture, the more tenuous and clever the better. I’ll add explanations of the examples, but it works best when there are no explanations unless it’s *really* tenuous (might be using specific local colloquialisms, for example). With the right audience, it can be absolutely hilarious – just hit Live image search or Google’s image search, and see what you come up with…


(the French supermarket)

(it’s car number four, after all)

(the previous picture had the name “Duke” on the door…)

Similar looks, perhaps, cowboy hat, and the common theme of “Duke”…

There are some hilarious example out there, but my favourite run is…

clip_image001 -> clip_image002 -> clip_image003  -> clip_image004[1] 

(and so it goes on – what would your next image be?)


This post was in response to Steve tagging me. My own current discs would be:

AlbumArt_{C1EF4A0A-3284-417F-AF13-CB86D9474582}_Small AlbumArtSmall AlbumArtSmall AlbumArt_{5E4E9B19-E16F-4A2E-9FDA-3B97A5844BB6}_Large AlbumArtSmall

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